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The UK is important for an EU which advocates for world peace

euroflagI can think about the consequences for the economy. The environmental risks of this decision are worrisome. I am also worried about the situation of all European immigrants living here, even though I know that UK needs these people so it’s very unlike they are going to drive them from the country. But what concerns me the most about the decision British people took today is the political stability, democracy and the peace. Not only in the EU, but around the world.

I am aware that this UE we have now is far too conservative and is lacking in democracy. Actually, democracy is never perfect. But what we also know is that since the first steps to create the European Community, the old continent has been more peaceful than never. Europe experienced a period of peace and prosperity.

And I do believe that this fact had and has consequences in the construction of the democracy and peace in the world as well. I am the first to acknowledge and raise my voice to decry the plundering of resources and the exploitation that developing countries are subjected by European companies. But we have to recognise the historical role that EU played in the defence of the human rights, its work for the peace in the Middle East, the humanitarian aid in crisis and conflicts, and the very model of a more egalitarian society that the block has tried to create.

And now we are living a truly hard period of the world history again. Conflicts are emerging everywhere, hate crimes are even not in the media any more because they are becoming too natural. And capital and benefits seem to be more important than people. But it’s not. We can’t accept this world.

Europe is failing in its role of defending people and human rights. We can’t forget this created refugee crisis and the Turkey-UE agreement. But just the thought of a catastrophic collapse of the EU is still more alarming. I don’t want to imagine – although it is very likely – countries which far right and extremist parties demanding their own referendums, politicians like Marine Le Pen in France emerging and altogether dragging Europe and the world to a dark age again.

Europe is still important for the world. The political union is fundamental. We are stronger and more stable together. And UK should be part of that.


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